Hello, I’m Kilian Miraculous, a student in the final year of high school in the technological stream at Faustin High School. I’m one of the two classes that actively participated in the Eureka project.

I chose the technological innovation speciality because I want to continue in the automotive field 

The main objectives of the EUREKA project in the F. FLERET high school are : 

– Promote a better knowledge to students about sustainability, ecological footprint and the effects of climate change 

* To develop new forms of education with an attractive support ” CENTRALE METEO ” wireless to develop digital, technological and scientific skills and also design projects around this theme.

* To develop projects around the weather station with senior students who participate in the project

– Promote a better orientation of school courses for more enlightened choices and reduce school dropout 

From our technical training very oriented Sustainable Development, we address the following issues:

– Environmental impact: Study of the Life Cycle Analysis of products

– Energy efficiency in the building to limit energy consumption

– The study and use of renewable energy.

The EUREKA project was a very good complement to our training and we also appreciated the studies that you have done with the EUREKA project.

The weather station is fixed on the Technological and Scientific Building. This fixing is dimensioned to resist to cyclones of 300km/H 

This weather station is composed of many sensors such as:

  • Anemometer + wind vane: allows to determine the speed in m/s or km/h as well as the direction of the wind according to the cardinal points
  • As well as a Rain gauge : it allows to measure the quantity of water per hour or per day, in mm determined by a trough
  • But also a UV sensor : it allows to determine the ultraviolet radiation index which varies from 0 to 16 thanks to photodiodes
  • Without forgetting a Probe: which indicate the temperature and humidity of the air

It is planned to add a new sensor to measure the air quality

It allows the measurement of fine particles in the air inside or outside but also the calculation of the air quality index. It will allow to prevent the asthmatic students because we are often impacted by the mists of sands coming from the Sahara. This sensor associated with the UV sensor will also make it possible to analyze the impact of the sand mists on the sunshine. 

In group we participated in the assembly of the UV sensor, that is to say we dismantled it in order to connect the new sensor.

Hello, my name is Luanne, I am a high school student, after high school I want to join a preparatory school to become an air traffic controller.

A few months ago, we installed a weather station powered by a solar panel. The Vantage connect modem connected to the station allows the data delivered by the sensors to circulate by wifi through the application. We were therefore able to configure the software to have real-time access to the weather conditions of the high school wirelessly either on smartphone or PC via the Weather Link application. The site allowed us to study meteorological variables in order to define curves with Excel and to determine the static characteristics for each parameter (Average value, Max Val, Min Val, …) over a given period (1 day, 1 week, 1 month). 

Moreover with this weather station we will soon design and install a screen at the entrance of the high school to communicate the weather data to the whole school.

This project would be useful because Guadeloupe is in a humid and unstable zone, it would warn the students so that they adapt their movements or their clothing.

Hello my name is winston i’m a student of the invention technical spéciality class 

Diapo 1 :

This technical system will allow to display within the high school the main weather conditions recorded by the weather station, as well as the broadcasting of automatic messages to sensitize the students to sustainable development. 

This display will be powered by a solar trackeur that the students must design.

Diapo 2 : requirements diagram :

  • The green boxes talk about the need for performance including energy autonomy, having the necessary power and capturing solar energy
  • The blue box talks about picking up modem information in 2G/3G
  • and finally the red boxes represent the expected service which is to display the temperature
  • the rainfall the wind speed + the fact that it has an ergonomic design that it is economic and respects the ecology
  • Its main purpose is to display the weather conditions thanks to these requirements

Diapo 3: 

 here you can see the upper and lower case and its complete assembly

Diapo 4 

We performed Simulation in strength of materials

Environmental impact simulation

Diapo 5  : 

  • Here is the arm that performs the vertical orientation (azimuth axis – 180° beat)
  • And here the arm which carries out the horizontal orientation (axis of inclination – beat of 90°)

Diapo 6 : 

Programmable display with a different message each day oriented around Sustainable Development and school success

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