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Association for the Conservation of Antalya Orchids and Biodiversity

CAOB aims to protect especially the orchid species in Turkey’s Antalya Province, but more generally all biological diversity and natural resources. The objective is to disseminate a “protection consciousness” but also to develop research, education and cultural activities in this direction. The primary task of the association is to protect the endangered species of flora and fauna and investigate their biological particularities. For this purpose, our priority is to analyse the biological diversity, to protect critically endangered species and to make the public and students conscious of issues related to nature conservation in order to ensure the sustainability of the protected areas.



Alpes de Lumière



ALPES DE LUMIÈRE is a French association created in 1953. It seeks to raise local populations’ awareness of the wealths of their countries by creating social, cultural and personal ties between people in order to revitalise the territory. The objectives of the association are : a) transmitting knowledge and know-how, training, educating; b) participating in territorial dynamics promoting a responsible development; c) involving the inhabitants in the management of the territory and forging links between the various actors. There are many ways through which this program is accomplished, for instance the publication of books and the setting up of volunteer camps, conferences, guided tours, creation and implementation of training curricula, etc. 



The Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature


HSPN is the oldest national environmental NGO in Greece, active continuously since 1951 for the protection of nature and the environment. It is active along five axes: environmental interventions; nature conservation; environmental education; sustainable management in the tourism sector; and public awareness raising. The HSPN represents in Greece the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) and is the national operator of all its programmes, including its international eco-labels “Blue Flag” for beaches and marinas (since 1992) and “Green Key” for touristic enterprises (since 2009), both promoting sustainable development of the tourism industry.



Associazione Istituto Ecoambientale


IEA promotes training, research, studies, public meetings, conventions and demonstrations, seminars, reflections and panel discussions about educational programs, communication and awareness campaigns with aims to contribute into respectful valorisation of the natural capital. In this respect, IEA gives particular attention to educational activities – often based on digital, ICT-based, innovative methods – for promoting and awaken the future generations on the key-role of environmental protection and sustainable growth. Research carried out by IEA has focused on problems of ecological interest.

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logo_croce-aleramo - Eureka Project



Gülveren Anatolian High School


AGAL is a high school located in the central district of Antalya Kepez, in Turkey. 



Coopérative d’Initiatives Jeunes

Cooperative d’Initiative Jeunes (CIJ) is a public interest cooperative providing support to young entrepreneurs. CIJ promotes empowerment and active citizenship to enhance open and digital integration in learning, teaching, training and youth work. Its expertise is based on cooperative pedagogy and new technologies (internet and ICT) to provide young people and trainers with tools that can be used to improve the teaching-learning process.

The cooperative introduces young people to the democratic functioning of a company, to the organisation of labour, cooperative management and operation of the market. Young people are supported by facilitators, a local committee which brings together professionals in employment, cooperatives, actors of social and solidarity economy sector. Supported by an experienced and skilled regional network, CIJ develops and promotes multidisciplinary approaches based on the transfer of know-how and the articulation between theoretical and practical activities where learners are put into a real-life situation, which helps them develop skills and knowledge.

Providing support for the creation and development of economic activities by youth, CIJ supports various studies, diagnoses, the implementation of training actions for territorial animation and local development

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 Lamias High School


LHG is a secondary school located in Lamias, in central Greece.



Liceo Croce Aleramo


ISS is a secondary school located between the two districts of Ponte Mammolo and Colli Aniene, a peripheral neighbourhood of Rome, nowadays characterized by a deep urban degrade and socio-economic disadvantage.