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Due to the Covid pandemic and the consequent impossibility of international travels in the Spring of 2021, the EUREKA partnership decided to organize its third Transnational Meeting online, as was the latter. The main objective of this meeting was to ensure the smoothness of the experimentation in class for the 4 schools involved. This objective was reached by splitting the transnational meeting in two, with a few weeks between its two parts, so the partners could consider the progress made in the schools. Other objectives were to reschedule and rethink some of the events planned for the last part of the project and to discuss financial, quality and dissemination aspects.

TNM3 - Eureka project

Notably, the partners decided to re-envision the way they will conduct the projected “exchange of students”. Since the pandemic will not allow them to have the students travel, the exchange will consists in having the students practice their english and share experience by video-recording 5 questions addressed to their counterparts and 5 answers to their counterparts’ questions.