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For our last transnational meeting, we took the time to acknowledge our current progress in order to foresee the end of our project. We thus discussed the dissemination of our experience and results, our evaluation of the collective work, and the last steps of production of our outputs.

Since it was our last meeting, we also took the time to debrief the exchange of students and the experiment in the classrooms. These steps were taken more specifically by the school partners in the Consortium and it was important that the 4 other partners were properly informed of the way it went.


4th G.E.L. Lamias organized lectures and presentations on the topic of the program. The difficulty was to do everything in 15 days, before another closing because of Covid (which eventually did not happen). They completed the objectives working in small groups. For their students, it was a very enjoyed process. Everyone wanted to do more and to travel to other countries. Gulveren Anadolu Lisesi’ activities were organized in the backyard of their school, it was an outdoor activity. Before the experiment, the english teacher made a video presentation of the project. CIJ started the experiment in November 2020 and developed many actions around the weather station. It was a very interesting experience for their students to exploit meteorological information. They will continue with future students to explore these problematics. IIS Croce Aleramo explained that their main problem was that they had two groups of students. Due to Covid they had 50% in class and 50% at home: thus some kind of a permanent turnover. It got better towards the end of the year. They noticed curiosity when the students first saw the weather station. It created discussions and raised awareness. Three extra teachers worked on this and it was productive as well for them.


Concerning the “exchange of students”, that was supposed to include 5 days visits in other countries, it had to be organized online, with each school’s students filming themselves asking questions to the other school’s students and answering theirs. For IIS Croce Aleramo, organizing the video version of the exchange of students was very productive, and it was a pleasure for them to work with the French school. CIJ relates a very good experience for their students, even though time was short. It was a good preparation for the final oral exam their students had to pass after that. 4th G.E.L. Lamias found it a very good idea to organize the exchange of students this way. Their students were very enthusiastic and could prepare themselves to other exams. Their school thanks the turkish school for their cooperation despite the difficulties related to Covid. For them, it was an interesting experience and all students collaborated perfectly. Gulveren Anadolu Lisesi speaks of a « very cooperative method ». Their students were very happy to do both parts. They noticed with pride that their joint video with the Greek school was the most seen video on our Youtube channel.

TNM4 - Eureka project

Istituto EcoAmbientale delivered the results of their analysis of the second test which was taken by the schools’ students at the end of 2021 Spring. The objective was to compare their answers to the test after the experiment went on with their original answers.
Though it was not as precise as it could have been due to the departure of many students from the classes before the second wave of testing (because of Covid measures and the end of the school year approaching), the analysis showed a significant reduction of the gap in knowledge we had analysed at the beginning of the project (see Gap Analysis Report). It means our method was successful and the project was helpful for the most of the students.

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