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This three-day training course was dedicated to teachers of the 4 schools participating in the “Eureka” project.

It was supposed to last 5 days, be held in Rome, Italy, and include study visits and outdoor activities. Due to the CoVid sanitary situation, the EUREKA consortium decided to produce a three half-days long webinar in order for all teachers to participate. The objective was also to make it possible for anyone to re-live the training experience, in the perspective of transferrability. The three sessions were thus recorded and are now broadcasted on the EUREKA project Youtube Channel.

Wednesday 24, 2021
Up to AdL, HSPN and CAOB.
Time 2.00 am to 4.00 pm

2.00-2.20 Agenda presentation of C1 activities for three days by the Chairman (IEA)
2.20-2.30 Quick presentation of the evaluation process (CAOB)
2.30-2.50 Guidelines for using the EUREKA Platform (ADL)
2.50-3.00 Time for questions
3.00-3.20 Guidelines for creating contents for the EUREKA Platform (HSPN)
3.20-4.00 Time for questions

Thursday 25, 2021
Up to IEA
Time 2.00 am to 5.00 pm

2.00-2.10 Presentation of the “Meeting Days” by the Chairman
2.10-3.20 “Metereology and Registering data from meteo station” (PPT IEA)
Part 1: The atmosphere
Part 2: The pressure
Part 3: How metereological events happen
Part 4: The meteorological variables
Part 5: Correlation between weather and pollutant data
3.20-3.40 Pause
3.40-4.50 “From point data to the Climatic Map” (PPT IEA)
Part 1: The impacts of climate change
Part 2: GIS: from point to map
Part 3: A case study: “Map of the spring”
4.50-5.00 Time for questions

Thursday 26, 2021
Up to IEA
Time 2.00 am to 4.00 pm

2.00-2.10 Presentation of the day by the Chairman
2.10-3.20 “Environmental Sustainability” (PPT IEA)
Part 1: What is Sustainability?
Part 2: Understanding the United Nations development Agenda
Part 3: The 2030 Sustainable Development Goals
Part 4: Environmental Sustainability and EUREKA Project
Part 5: The experiment
3.20-3.40 Pause
3.40-4.50 “Climate change, conflicts and migrations” (PPT IEA)
Part 1: What
Part 2: How
Part 3: When
Part 4: Where
4.50-5.00 Time for questions

The three sessions were thus recorded and are now broadcasted on the EUREKA project Youtube Channel and watchable below.